Fórmate para participar en casting para doblaje de peliculas

Si quieres participar en casting para doblaje de películas, series de televisión o spots tienes que formarte primero. Es común encontrar a gente que por tener buena voz y pronunciación se sienten ya capaces de participar con éxito en un casting para doblaje de películas, pero no. La formación es vital. Aprender técnicas de doblaje resulta fundamental para poder ser competente, y esa formación se obtienen en una escuela de doblaje.

Doblaje de spots en Galicia y toda España

Penteofilms es un estudio de doblaje ubicado en Ferrol – A Coruña, Galicia – experimentado en la locución de publicidad en radio y televisión. Tenemos más de diez años de experiencia profesional poniéndole voz a un elevado número de spots procedentes de clientes de toda Galicia y también de toda España.

Cursos de doblaje en A Coruña

Prepárate con nuestros cursos de doblaje en A Coruña para el apasionante mundo del doblaje. Penteo Films lleva formando a nuevas voces, actores y actrices de doblaje desde que abrieron sus puertas en el año 2004 en Ferrol (A Coruña).

Estudio de doblaje en A Coruña. publicidad, videojuegos y más

Penteo Films es tu estudio de doblaje en A Coruña. Llevamos desde 2004 en nuestros estudios de Ferrol, en A Coruña, dedicados al doblaje de películas, publicidad, series tanto nacionales como internacionales, doblaje de videojuegos, documentales, cuñas de radio y mucho más.

Pese a tener nuestro estudio en A Coruña, el estudio de doblaje Penteo Films opera para toda España. Gracias a nuestros sistemas de doblaje a distancia hacemos frente y con un resultado de inmejorable calidad a las solicitudes y trabajos que nos llegan de Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla, toda España y también Europa y América.

estudio de doblaje de series coruña

“El estudio de doblaje en A Coruña Penteo Films opera a nivel naciona e internacional.”

Nuestro estudio de doblaje en A Coruña evoluciona y se abre a las nuevas tendencias y necesidades del mercado. Hemos doblado cuñas de radio y documentales, para luego ocuparnos del doblaje español de la serie internacional The Wire en una época en la que las series de televisión copan las audiencias y actualmente, entre nuestras vías de expansión realizamos también doblaje de videojuegos, no solo al español, sino al idioma que necesites, realizando un proyecto intregral de doblaje, subtitulado y localización de tu videojuego.

“Contacta sin compromiso con el estudio de doblaje en A Coruña Penteo Films.”

Tras diez años en la profesión, el estudio de doblaje Penteo Films en A Coruña está al mismo nivel de calidad en el trabajo final que un estudio de doblaje en Madrid o un estudio de doblaje en Barcelona. Consulta nuestros trabajos en nuestra página web y contacta con nosotros sin compromiso para hablarnos de tu proyecto. Si necesitas una voz, necesitas al estudio de doblaje en A Coruña Penteo Films

We have the voices that your voice over recording needs

Not only does our voice over and dubbing studio Penteo Films coordinate and direct the voice recording process,, but we also have a wide range of professional voice actors from which you can choose the perfect voice for your project, whether it is for radio, television or newer media such as the voice over for a video game.



Since we set up our business in Ferrol in 2004, we have trained new voice actors who remain with us to this day and are well-known in the voice acting world. We continue to offer courses on which we discover new talents that we can incorporate in our roster and collaborate with on new voice recording projects.

“We have been training new voice actors since 2004 in the search for new talent”

In our voice over and dubbing studio we aim for versatility in order to offer custom solutions to each film, television series or radio advertisement whose recording we produce, as it is vital that the ideal voice is selected.

There are many well-known voices in the voice acting world, and these voices portray an attitude or a character. How do they gain this recognition? Through a laborious selection process which begins at our studio

“We have dozens of voices classified by genre at Penteo Films”

We have collected and classified hundreds of voices, which are organised and filtered according to genre, as some voices are more appropriate for certain genres. We have voices which are ideal for promoting confidence, excitement or other emotions that your project may require.

Penteo Films is located in Ferrol, but we also participate in productions in Madrid, Barcelona and other parts of Spain, offering the same high level of quality as for local productions. You can consult our services and request access to our catalogue of voices via our contact section or, ideally, we can arrange a meeting so that we can guide you through our extensive catalogue of voices. We’d be delighted to hear from you.



Voice acting course at our voice over and dubbing studio in Ferrol

Would you like to train as a profession voice actor? Penteo Films studio has over 10 years of experience in dubbing and voice overs for all types of audiovisual productions, from radio or press advertisements to international series such as The Wire. These years have provided us with the necessary experience and training to become voice recording specialists, and this experience is passed on to our students.

We dedicate part of our voice recording studio to training new professional voice actors and these courses are offered periodically. We programme these course for periods when our volume of work allows us to dedicate all our efforts to the training process.

“Train as a professional voice actor on a course at Penteo Films voice over and dubbing studio in Ferrol”

We do things in this way because we offer courses which are aimed both at professionals who wish to perfect their technique and also to people who have no experience in the world of voice overs but who wish to enter an exciting profession which offers the opportunity to participate as a voice actor in television series, cinema, radio, advertisements, video games and anywhere where a good voice is required to personify a character.


The first step to enrol on one of these courses is to attend a simple interview with one of our professionals and to read an extract from a text. The groups are formed according to the results of these interviews and these groups are always small, with between eight and ten students, and the classes are taught by voice over professionals in active service.

 “Voice over courses taught by professionals in the field”

The courses offered at our studio cover the following abilities given that, in order to become a true professional, you must master them all: intonation, diction, breathing, synchronisation, correction of personal defects that we don’t realise we have when we speak, the enhancement of personal qualities that we detect in each student for their future as a professional voice actor, an understanding of dramatic timing in a project and how to build the character that you are playing.


These professional voice over and dubbing courses do not only take place in the studio and are not purely oral classes. Penteo Films has also developed a digital textbook so that you can continue doing the course exercises at home. If you are interested in training with us and entering this exciting world, the first step is easy: contact us via our contact section.

Penteo Films. A voice over and dubbing studio in Galicia

The main voice recording studios in Spain are located in Madrid and Barcelona. However, Penteo Films voice over and dubbing studio has been working from Ferrol in Galicia on projects all over the country since 2004. This is possible thanks to new technologies, Internet and remote recording systems which enable us to record and produce with voice actors from all over the world, and to participate in international projects as well as local ones.

“Our studio opened its doors in Galicia in 2004 to all of Spain”

During these more than ten years of experience, we have sought to improve our processes and offer recordings of unbeatable quality at competitive prices, the advantages of being located in Galicia. Among our projects are: television dubbing and voice overs and the recording of dialogues, videos, nature and historical documentaries, radio and television advertisements, audiobook recordings, training courses, etc.

“At our dubbing and voice over studio, we are seeking to enter new markets such as the video game sector”

Today, our voice recording studio in Ferrol is seeking to enter new markets as well as to continue working in the fields we are currently involved in. One of the most promising new sectors is that of voice overs for video games. Today there are independent studios which offer very interesting proposals for collaboration, and there is a large community of followers who consume this type of product, as can be seen on the web page devuego.

estudio de doblaje galicia

estudio de doblaje galicia

The facilities at our dubbing and voice over studio are not just equipped for voice recording projects. We also train future voice actors. Many of the voice actors who have participated in different projects with Penteo Films first came through our training programme. We regularly organise training courses which are taught by professionals from the field. We invite you to attend our next course!

“Our studio has trained many voice actors since 2004”

If you wish to propose a project to us, or for any queries, please contact us via our contact section.