Would you like to train as a profession voice actor? Penteo Films studio has over 10 years of experience in dubbing and voice overs for all types of audiovisual productions, from radio or press advertisements to international series such as The Wire. These years have provided us with the necessary experience and training to become voice recording specialists, and this experience is passed on to our students.

We dedicate part of our voice recording studio to training new professional voice actors and these courses are offered periodically. We programme these course for periods when our volume of work allows us to dedicate all our efforts to the training process.

“Train as a professional voice actor on a course at Penteo Films voice over and dubbing studio in Ferrol”

We do things in this way because we offer courses which are aimed both at professionals who wish to perfect their technique and also to people who have no experience in the world of voice overs but who wish to enter an exciting profession which offers the opportunity to participate as a voice actor in television series, cinema, radio, advertisements, video games and anywhere where a good voice is required to personify a character.


The first step to enrol on one of these courses is to attend a simple interview with one of our professionals and to read an extract from a text. The groups are formed according to the results of these interviews and these groups are always small, with between eight and ten students, and the classes are taught by voice over professionals in active service.

 “Voice over courses taught by professionals in the field”

The courses offered at our studio cover the following abilities given that, in order to become a true professional, you must master them all: intonation, diction, breathing, synchronisation, correction of personal defects that we don’t realise we have when we speak, the enhancement of personal qualities that we detect in each student for their future as a professional voice actor, an understanding of dramatic timing in a project and how to build the character that you are playing.


These professional voice over and dubbing courses do not only take place in the studio and are not purely oral classes. Penteo Films has also developed a digital textbook so that you can continue doing the course exercises at home. If you are interested in training with us and entering this exciting world, the first step is easy: contact us via our contact section.