The main voice recording studios in Spain are located in Madrid and Barcelona. However, Penteo Films voice over and dubbing studio has been working from Ferrol in Galicia on projects all over the country since 2004. This is possible thanks to new technologies, Internet and remote recording systems which enable us to record and produce with voice actors from all over the world, and to participate in international projects as well as local ones.

“Our studio opened its doors in Galicia in 2004 to all of Spain”

During these more than ten years of experience, we have sought to improve our processes and offer recordings of unbeatable quality at competitive prices, the advantages of being located in Galicia. Among our projects are: television dubbing and voice overs and the recording of dialogues, videos, nature and historical documentaries, radio and television advertisements, audiobook recordings, training courses, etc.

“At our dubbing and voice over studio, we are seeking to enter new markets such as the video game sector”

Today, our voice recording studio in Ferrol is seeking to enter new markets as well as to continue working in the fields we are currently involved in. One of the most promising new sectors is that of voice overs for video games. Today there are independent studios which offer very interesting proposals for collaboration, and there is a large community of followers who consume this type of product, as can be seen on the web page devuego.

estudio de doblaje galicia

estudio de doblaje galicia

The facilities at our dubbing and voice over studio are not just equipped for voice recording projects. We also train future voice actors. Many of the voice actors who have participated in different projects with Penteo Films first came through our training programme. We regularly organise training courses which are taught by professionals from the field. We invite you to attend our next course!

“Our studio has trained many voice actors since 2004”

If you wish to propose a project to us, or for any queries, please contact us via our contact section.