Penteo Films is a film sound, dubbing and voice over recording studio

Penteo Films was set up in 2004 in response to the imminent appearance of DDTV in Spain. The studio is equipped with the latest digital recording systems integrated into a central server. Our premises in Ferrol have 4 multi-purpose rooms for high quality dubbing and voice over recordings, and digital recordings of all types at very competitive prices.


Penteo Films has 4 multi-purpose recording and mixing rooms which are equipped with Digidesign Protools recording systems integrated into a central server. This standardised recording system allows us to carry out and collaborate on joint projects with other studios.


Recording: 1x Protools HD 2 with 192 I/O Interface, 1x Digidesign Sync I/O, 5x Protools Mix Plux with interfaces 888-24 + 3 USD Sync
Monitors: pair of Dynaudio BM6A, 4x 8050APM Genelec with subwoofer 7070A, pair of Tannoy Precision 8D, pair of Tannoy Precision 6D
Preamplifiers: 1x Massenburg 8304, 1x Manley VoxBox, 1x Millennia STT1, 1x Avalon VT-737SP, 1x Focusrite Red 1
Microphones: 1x Neumann TLM 67, 1x Brauner Panthera, 1x Gefell M930, 1x Marek KS3, 1x Lauten Audio FC-357 Clarion, 1x Sanken CU-44x MKII, 1x Horch RM2J
Remote connection with ProntoNet ISDN codec (compression of Apt-X, MPEG, AAC LC, LD and HE, as well as bidirectional uncompressed audio transmission via IP)