Not only does our voice over and dubbing studio Penteo Films coordinate and direct the voice recording process,, but we also have a wide range of professional voice actors from which you can choose the perfect voice for your project, whether it is for radio, television or newer media such as the voice over for a video game.



Since we set up our business in Ferrol in 2004, we have trained new voice actors who remain with us to this day and are well-known in the voice acting world. We continue to offer courses on which we discover new talents that we can incorporate in our roster and collaborate with on new voice recording projects.

“We have been training new voice actors since 2004 in the search for new talent”

In our voice over and dubbing studio we aim for versatility in order to offer custom solutions to each film, television series or radio advertisement whose recording we produce, as it is vital that the ideal voice is selected.

There are many well-known voices in the voice acting world, and these voices portray an attitude or a character. How do they gain this recognition? Through a laborious selection process which begins at our studio

“We have dozens of voices classified by genre at Penteo Films”

We have collected and classified hundreds of voices, which are organised and filtered according to genre, as some voices are more appropriate for certain genres. We have voices which are ideal for promoting confidence, excitement or other emotions that your project may require.

Penteo Films is located in Ferrol, but we also participate in productions in Madrid, Barcelona and other parts of Spain, offering the same high level of quality as for local productions. You can consult our services and request access to our catalogue of voices via our contact section or, ideally, we can arrange a meeting so that we can guide you through our extensive catalogue of voices. We’d be delighted to hear from you.