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dubbing and multimedia production
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dubbing courses

Penteo Films SL dedicates part of its facilities to training new actors and actresses by giving dubbing courses periodically.

No prior practice is required to take these courses, so the course is suitable for both untrained students and TV, film and theater professionals who require this training.

You only have to carry out an access interview and a short reading of a text.

If you want to participate in casting for dubbing movies, television series or spots, you have to train first. It is common to find people who, because of their good voice and pronunciation, already feel capable of successfully participating in a casting for dubbing films, but no. Training is vital. Learning dubbing techniques is essential to being competent, and that training is obtained in a dubbing school.

Training in dubbing not only serves to work in the world of cinema or animation, but also in advertising, radio and voice over in general. If your passion is to give voice to your favorite characters from the big screen or television, count on Penteo Films to learn how to dub and be successful in finding a job of this nature.

  • Raquel Gorrochategui

    Together with Polo and his team I have found my vocation. They have taught me everything I know about sound, dubbing, acting. I recommend Penteo Films one hundred percent.
  • Adrián Mouriño

    "As a dubbing professional it has been very satisfying to work with Penteo Films on the dubbing of my first video game."
  • Raquel Gorrochategui
  • Adrián Mouriño

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